Building works

The scheduled work commenced on Monday 21st March 2016. The work completed the Court Hall was handed back to The Friends for an informal opening on Saturday 7th April 2016. The Court Hall was formally opened on Saturday 14th April 2016.


New funding for renovation

The next task was to raise the necessary funding, estimated to be in the order of £20,000 to £30,000 to bring the building back to its original condition. A fund raising drive was initiated through grant funding and donations.

In July 2015 an application was made to SITA Trust under the Landfill Communities Fund for a significant amount of funding. The application was successful and given that some of the work was weather sensitive was scheduled to start in the spring of 2016

A new book

John Clancy wrote a book called “A Short History of the Court Hall and its role within the town of Milton Regis”. The book was donated by John. The cost of production was generously donated by the Nicholls family.

Formation Of The Friends

In 2011 a small group of people came together to form a Friends group and asked the Court Hall’s owner, Swale Borough Council, if they could take on the responsibility for maintaining the building and reopen it as a museum. An architectural survey showed that a sizeable financial commitment was needed to undertake the necessary programme of restoration work but undeterred, the Friends of Milton Regis Court Hall set about formalising themselves and began negotiating with the Council for a 25-year lease.

3rd opening as a museum

Following extensive neogations with Swale Brough Council, HRGS operated another Court Hall museum. Sometime later due to financial implications the museum was abandoned.

Sittingbourne Archaeological Group

One of the 1987 groups, Sittingbourne Archaeological Group, was wound up and its assets transferred to the Historical Research Group of Sittingbourne (HRGS)

Milton Regis Society

The revival of the Milton Regis Society led to the formation of a Joint managment Committee by three interested groups.